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Hey! I’m Katelyn. I live in the heart of downtown Calgary with my cat kids and my husband, Calum. We are completely spoiled and live about an hour away from the breathtaking Rocky Mountain’s. Most days you can find me forcefully cuddling my cats, convincing Calum that I am “hilarious” or enjoying a cold cup of coffee. Seriously, it is so sad how slowly I drink my coffee!

I love the outdoors and the smell of fresh air. I am a complete lover of light and a good ol’ love story. If you arn’t afraid to get a little dirty, go for a hike or maybe even get your feet wet – than we would be the perfect match. I document couples. How they are together. How they love, laugh and interact with one another.

In a session together we won’t do a ton of posing, I will get you to move together and hold one another in a way that is comfortable, a way that is you. Nothing to stagnant or awkward. Remember this is about you! Your love is beautiful the way it is so lets capture it. Lets have some fun, maybe even head out on an adventure!!

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